HF Winning Colours

HF Winning Colours

True Colours x HF Amira De Lis
2005 Bay Egyptian Sired Stallion

 SCID, CA, LFS Clear

HF Winning Colours is a superior sire with his powerful movement, correct conformation and extreme type.

His past show accomplishments include:
2007 ED Top Ten (4)
2008 Yearling World Class Colt Top Ten (3rd) 2 year old world class
2009 EE Reserved Chamipon World Class 3 year old colt
2010 E Top Top (3rd) World Class Stallion 4 & 5 Years old, had 19 & 19.5 movement scores
2011 Most Classic Head Male at the Egytian Event
2011 Top 10 World Class Stallion 4 & 5 years old
2011 Class A Champion “Most Classic Head ” winner

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    AK Amiri Asmarr
    Daheda Dalul
    Nahed GRSB
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    SA Maleeka Havlin
    GF Exquisite
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